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Design Services


As many of JAC Interiors clients are busy professionals with limited free time (and many have never used an interior designer before) we have a detailed project system that keeps our projects moving and allows clients to feel comfortable knowing that the finished, beautiful home they desire is achievable and on the way to happening.

Our process involves us deciphering what your home looks like, translating it into a spatial and visual plan, and bringing it to life. We do this by asking a million questions, showing you many images, putting items together into a design mock-up, modifying, and finally purchasing materials and furnishings and installing. We start this process with either a phone or email conversation and if we both decide to move to the next step, we set up an initial meeting where we agree the scope of the project and start brainstorming design ideas for your project. The cost of this initial consult is $250.


Some clients seek out consultation only. Our insightful and information packed design consultations can kick start your design projects, save you some money and help you solve a certain design challenge.

Each consultation typically includes some or all of the following, depending on your project needs:

  • A walk through of your specific spaces
  • Furniture layout and space planning ideas for rooms
  • Defining and prioritizing budget (renovations or furnishings or both)
  • Paint color and/or wallpaper ideas and selections
  • Window Treatment recommendations
  • Lighting plan suggestions
  • Styling tips and ideas for vignettes
  • A follow up email with a consultation summary


  • Have a specific “problem to solve”
  • Appreciate good design but are paralyzed to start on their own
  • Have some design ideas but want a second opinion before starting
  • Are “do-it-yourself” types